[29.jan.2013] dev build

[29.jan.2013] dev build

Postby zod » Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:07 am

Download here.

The program can be used as a drop-in replacement and is considered crash-free, although keep in mind that some aspects of it are work in progress (naturally). We intend to produce development builds more frequently to culminate in a stable release.

Merging selected notes, which was a sorely missing feature, is now available in the context menu.

An important change is that, the direct paste window's functionality has been integrated into the main window itself. The hotkey that used to open the separate window now opens the main window in the paste mode, under the cursor. In this mode, the window is always on top (regardless of setting), and double-clicking on notes will initiate the paste. The paste mode can be toggled in the toolbar as well.
Also, a new Paste button has been added to the toolbar, with which you can paste out text regardless of being in the paste mode or not.
Setting 'favorites' is not yet implemented, and further polishing of the workflow is needed.
We feel that the direct paste capability is now more discoverable, can be used more flexibly, and eliminates feature duplication.

This release is closer in appearance to the original ClipCube, as it got compacted and the colourful icons from the 0.3 beta make a return, with some new ones. We also began to bring more modern elements to the look and feel.


- long-running ClipCube could hang after multiple system hibernations
- Paste Mode is not complete ('favorite' tags, etc.)
- some window shortkeys don't currently work (ctrl+N, ctrl+K, ctrl+Q)
- not possible to close window using Esc
- merging shouldn't open the editor
- ...


- the direct paste feature is being integrated into the main window
- added merge feature: merge up/down from context menu
- delete confirmations are now optional
- more compact and improved interface (work in progress)
- the Windows key can now be used in hotkey config as "win".
- one of the hotkeys has a new default:
Open Paste Mode: win+C (instead of ctrl+shift+X)
If you use your existing .ini file, the previous hotkey is preserved. You can update it manually if you'd like to use the new shortkey.
- the Links tag now behaves like every other, it now doesn't open links on double-click. This was done to eliminate the surprise element.
- improved startup sequence, added window geometry checking
- source cleanups
- added ability to set the data directory in the ini using the "DataDir" entry. For now you can only give the path using forward slashes as there seems to be a bug in the toolkit's ini parser. This setting is slated to have GUI in Preferences.
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