Win 7 x64 - screen locks up

Win 7 x64 - screen locks up

Postby Zolt » Wed May 15, 2013 5:06 pm

Hi Zod - thanks again for such a wonderful tool!!!

I don't know how to reporduce this bug, but it happened twice this week already.
The first time, I had my PC up for over 2 weeks - so I thought it might be because of that, but today, it's only been up for one day when it happened.

So the issue is that when I bring up the main screen, it freezes. Then, when I right-click on the taskbar icon the menu appears, but it disapears right away and it won't appear againg with right-click. There is no way for me to close the app, and the only way is through task manager and kill the process.
I am using the "DEV [28-MAR-2013]" version.

If there is a debug mode I can turn on to help find out the trouble, let me know.
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