Ableton 10 Feature Request

Ableton 10 Feature Request

Postby Charles » Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:20 pm

It would be really great if we could right-click on any of the rulers in ableton and select other options. The specific thing that is slowing down my workflow is that I am in the Audio Clip View Zoomed in and working through long clips up close and I have no idea where I am in the arrangement. I would be awesome to be able to view the arrangement ruler in the clip area instead of just the clip ruler. If i accidentally bump spacebar or something I can easily lose my place when I'm working, it's very frustrating. Logic lets you select any ruler you want in any area.... time, beats, arrangement, clip... etc. You can even select different frame rates on the ruler in case you're working with film. Hoping this will appear in live 10 soon. Thanks!

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