Videostudio Pro X9 Split Clip Issues

Videostudio Pro X9 Split Clip Issues

Postby Charles » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:39 am


I haven't managed to find an answer to this just yet so hopefully someone can advise.
I previously owned X4 and used it for many years, sadly it gave up on me one day so uninstalled it with hopes of re-installation. Turns out Corel don't keep the downloads from that long ago so I'm left with no editor and I'm pretty desperate to get one asap. :shock:
I have downloaded the trial version of X9 (most recent version) and came across the 'No storage to load BB!' and that other really annoying dialog box that pops up - I managed to fix those (the _old trick), as I had to when I first downloaded the X4 version. The editor itself is pretty much the same as it was on the X4 version but when I try to trim a clip, and then play it.. the video (without audio) plays from where I trimmed it which is what I wanted, but the audio seems to have been unaffected and so begins playing from the very beginning. That leaves me with a completely out of sync video which as you can imagine, isn't of any use to me.
I did try splitting the audio so I could see if it was actually being deleted, I trimmed the video and audio together, both were deleted. That however didn't fix the problem, the audio plays from the very beginning and the video from where I trimmed it. I can't make sense of it. Perhaps there's something I'm missing in this new version?
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, my laptop is brand new with more than enough spec to handle this software. I'm used to Corel Videostudio and have my own 'editing style' if you like - I'd hate to have to try and learn all over again with other software.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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