2014-04-16 Video report

Here is a video of the work-in-progress ClipCube 2, showing the UI as it responds to resizing.

The screen capture was made on Ubuntu which is the primary development system; the Windows version will look and feel identical. (In fact, the 1.x line and the currently available dev version were also primarily developed on Ubuntu).

I would like to thank all who donated so far, and the wider audience for your comments and ideas. I will keep you posted on the progress.

2014-02-14 Back online

Our website was down for the last several hours. Unfortunately it was night time here, once we contacted our provider, they fixed the problem promptly.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

2013-10-10 Upcoming version sighted

You may have noticed the lack of updates, as I had to concentrate on other things.

In the meantime the plan was brewing and since September, I have been actively working on ClipCube 2.0.

It is a rewrite, allowing for vastly better UI, greater stability and Linux support. Although a new program, it is a clear continuation of the current Dev version, fully compatible.

Main features are close to complete, and are being tested on Windows 7, Fedora 19 and Debian 7. (Win 8.1 and Ubuntu LTS will be added soon.)

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming features and changes:

  • interface layout adapts to window size, allowing for a tiny minimum size, and a comfortable UI at all times
  • collapsible tag pane (always collapsed in smallest layout)
  • drag & drop tagging
  • preserve note selection and editor state under each tag
  • expanded editor functionality: font setting, line operations, toggle text wrapping, etc.
  • tag colours
  • fix suspend/hibernate support
  • general usability improvements

The next development version will include many of these features.

I would like to thank you for your support and comments!

2013-03-28 New development build

Get it here!

The improvements are the following:

  • pressing Escape now closes the window, dialogs and popups, as it should
  • when paste mode is deactivated, the original window geometry is restored
  • activating paste mode with hotkey puts the window slightly away from the cursor, so it doesn't hide the view
2013-01-29 New builds available

The first development build, and also the 1.2.1 point release is now out.

1.2.1 contains a few small improvements, and there are more in preparation.

One focus of the new series development was to return to a more compact interface. Apart from aesthetics, it allows the main window itself to function as the paste popup to make its use more flexible and natural. In this release, the bulk is in place.

The development build has a topic explaining the changes and new features.

2013-01-23 Notable reviews

We got word about new reviews recently, one complete with video. They capture ClipCube very well, and are recommended reading (and watching)!

-- Review + Video at FindMySoft.com

-- Post at Discovery Strategist blog

-- Top review at SnapFiles

Thanks go out to the authors!

2012-11-24 Forum spam exterminated

We activated measures to keep spam monsters at bay, and posts are now free of garbage.

2012-10-08 ClipCube 1.2 released

The main highlight of this version is the Direct Paste feature that allows for a more efficient workflow. A new global hotkey, Ctrl+Shift+X, opens a small satellite window from where items can be pasted into the active program with a click. One or optionally two lists can be set to display the latest few items of any tag. These items don't move away when selected (unlike the old ClipCube).

The global hotkeys can now be disabled (rejoice!) and also edited in the ini file.

Other additions are listed in the changelog. The numbered shortkeys feature to paste the N-th item didn't make it but is scheduled for 1.3.

We hope you enjoy this release!

ps. Thanks to everybody who donated so far! Apart from the goal of getting a Mac, it also makes us feel that ClipCube is important to you.

2012-09-26 A returning feature

I would like to take the opportunity to highlight something we have been working on: direct paste is returning to ClipCube! The feature will be more flexible than in the classic version, allowing the user to select items to paste into the active window.

Also coming is the ability to configure or disable global hotkeys.

We want to make ClipCube the most comfortable clipboard manager around; direct pasting should be a big step towards that!

2012-08-17 Next version under new roof

Welcome to the new webpage! This is now the official ClipCube site.

At the same time an improved version of ClipCube is released as well. You will notice that the version number has been bumped: this is to reflect that the program has been battle-tested and considered stable.

Head to downloads to grab it! For a list of changes in this release, see the changelog.

If you have questions, ideas or anything to say about ClipCube, don't hesitate to post in the forum!

Regards, zod